We’ve just released a major update to our verbatim recoding tool…

Open end text responses are arguably the most fun part of the survey to read and interpret. But condensing the wild-and-wooly raw data to a short quant chart requires careful work.

Protobi’s advanced recooding tool makes it simple, even fun, to code text responses. The latest release includes a number of improvements suggested by analysts using it in practice…

Plain text buttons

Icons are cool but not always clear, it’s so much easier to read a simple word.

Simpler search

The search bar now searches as you type. No need to press Enter or press the search button. And the search bar allows “Regular expressions” for extremely powerful searches:

Codes vs labels

Clients often wish to enter simple numeric codes (e.g. "PRICE" or 114) for analysis, but present a prettier version for display (e.g. "Affordable, cost-effective")

The New Code dialog now auto-suggests new codes and labels. The suggested code is the next available integer not already used as a code. The suggested label is the search text, if provided.

Edit codes and/or labels

Good writing is re-writing. Often the first choice for code or label isn’t the final choice. Right click on any code in the Code Set to edit the code and/or its label.

Better dialogs

  • All the dialogs have a consistent style.
  • Press the return key to click “Ok”

Support for numeric codes

We know, the fact that supermarket cashiers have to enter in numeric codes for produce, and that we still dial telephone “numbers” is an artifact of technologies now long obsolete. Yet the patterns still exist. Teams often need to code concepts to integers because, well, that’s just how it’s done.

Protobi now suggests numeric codes, and can even “Numerify” your current code frame to integers if need be.

We’re happy to provide a tour for your project. Contact us at support@protobi.com.