Yay! You’ve fielded a global survey in multiple local languages.
Yikes! Now you need to analyze all those local-language verbatims…

Protobi works with Google Translate so you can start reading and even recoding those text verbatims in multiple languages to analyze right away.

Translate with Protobi

Select an element and choose “Translate…” from the Advanced button. Then choose a destination language:

Protobi uses Google Translate and works in most major browsers. It can translate to many more languages than shown in this tiny example.

Translations are saved as formats

Translations are stored in your project as simple value formats. So they stay with your project when you save and reopen.

So you can toggle the translations on/off with the Format button.

Protobi is still working with the raw local-language values underneath, it’s just like you now have superpowers and can read all these languages.

Translations also export to SPSS .sav files, so you can work them in any other leading market research software like SPSS or MarketSight.

You can edit translations

You can edit translations since they’re simple formats.

Here Google Translate recognizes “Ελλάδα” as the country and translates it to “Griechenland” in German and “Hellas” in English. But you can select Edit Format… and change that to “Greece”:

Recode translated values

You can even recode the raw values and toggle the translations on or off:

Translation is safe

Your original data is not modified so you can modify, delete and redo translation whenever you wish. Only the raw values for the specific selected element are uploaded to Google, without any other data like respondent ID, etc and sent encrypted under SSL.

Professional translation still an option

You can still send your survey responses to a professional translation firm and merge the results into Protobi when they come back. But that takes days, and maybe you want to peek at the data earlier…

Try it out

See a brief [Cloud translations video)[https://help.protobi.com/videos/translations-video]. Then try it yourself. Or contact our team at support@protobi.com and we can discuss your survey.