Protobi design work sessions get you working with your data right away.


As soon as you have partial data, book time with our support team and we can step through the survey with you, question by question, by screenshare.

Together, we’ll tailor the view to support your analysis, and save a lot of time. In the process, you’ll also become expert by learning through doing, as the work sessions also serve as training sessions in disguise..

How to book a session

When you start a project with Protobi you have access to our calendars as well as our ticket system.

Choose a time that works for you, and receive a calendar invite with screenshare info automatically.

If you prefer to use another conference system, no worries, update the calendar invite with alternate audio/video details.

What to expect

A basic agenda is as follows:

  • Introductions to understand your roles and goals.
  • Make sure you can login and open the project.
  • General intro to the interface … how to select and export data, etc.
  • We’ll walk through each question starting with the screener.
  • Your team instructs us how you’d like to see it.
  • We suggest additional ideas how it might be better presented.
  • We make most edits online together, showing you how.
  • Advanced edits might be identified for offline work or a next call.


By the end of an initial work session, typically…

  • Your team understands how to interpret the data and use Protobi
  • The online view is substantially revised for your analysis goals
  • We offer additional ideas based on our experience with survey data
  • You’re able to proceed independently and know how to contact us


An initial design work session is included in each Expert and Professional project, at no upcharge.

And we’re always available for additional support as an billable service.