Very short videos and clickable tutorials on selected topics


A brief intro to Protobi
Plan your first project
Quick Start
(12 slides)
Complete Tutorial
(46 pages)

An example survey

How to query and crosstab

Make a query: Is, Or, Not
NA/Missing/Blank values
Create a crosstab
Interactive crosstabs
Multiple response: Numeric
Multiple response: Text

Edit and design the data view

Basic edits
Bin numeric values into ranges
Summary statistics
Compact to...
Numeric variables and long-tails
Text verbatims
Recode text verbatims
Multiple response: Ratings
Structuring data
Multiple response: Categories
Multiple response: TopBoxTornado
Paired comparisons
Word cloud
Let's make a WordCloud
Split at delimiter
Group, hide and move
Copy and clone
Chart types
Chart types
Venn diagrams
Quick translate in Chrome
Deep translate in Protobi
Dates and times
Van Westendorp
Trim or Winsorize outliers

Advanced design

Weighting data (interactive)
Weighting data (video)
Stacking data loops
(20 slides)
Edit properties
Version history
Ratios and averages
Ratios (video)
JSON syntax
JSON Syntax Cheat Sheet
Copy/clone elements
A few ways to show rankings
Sankey flow diagrams
Protobi REST API
Protobi R Library
Customize Protobi style
Create new chart types
Process data in Protobi
Colors and branding
Protobi wiki pages
Google maps

Create a new project

Import a new data set
Create a new project