Protobi helps you find and present the stories in your survey data.

Whether you have a single survey you need to analyze now or thousands, Protobi helps you quickly see your data, collaborate with colleagues, and impress clients. In time and budget.

Analysts and survey teams

Protobi provides compelling deliverables for your survey today.

A workspace contains an interactive chart for every question.

Organize and customize charts, turning responses into answers.

Export to PowerPoint and Excel as editable objects.

Share online access with your team and client.

Do advanced data processing and calculations in one place.

Get expert help to design your workspace, or even draft slides.

Agencies and consultants

If you have many surveys, Protobi organizes your work neatly under your brand.

Share interactive views in your branded portal, with your theme or your clients.

Provide clients early access to their data, to ask and answer their questions.

Amaze your clients, increase proposal win rates, and reduce billable hours.

Create a searchable repository of all your surveys.

Transfer analysis best practices across research teams.

Corporate scale research

If you seek a coherent solution for all your surveys, Protobi Enterprise may be for you.

Create your own private Protobi, under your brand in your client portal.

Have your machines talk to our machines with Protobi APIs.

Import all your surveys into a searchable repository.

Enjoy flat rate pricing and service level agreements.

See the data. Find the story. Engage your clients.

Instant Interactive Dashboards

Upload survey data from leading tools like Confirmit, Dimensions, Decipher, Qualtrics, Typeform and Survey Monkey and create an instant interactive dashboard.

The data is automatically organized like the survey and every question becomes a clickable chart.

Explore, Organize, Analyze

Find the stories in your data with Protobi’s easy-to-use browser interface.

Click to drill in. Drag to crosstab. Scroll to explore.

Statistically significant differences are automatically highlighted.

Design the view to your preference with a variety of chart types.


Collaborate, Refine, Present

Share your data and analysis securely with your team.

Progressively customize the data view to become your client presentation.

Export or update presentations in native PowerPoint.

Impress and Engage Clients

Deliver your analysis in an interactive client portal.

Win over clients by showing the compelling stories in the data.

Answer followup questions on the spot with interactive charts.

Intro video

A brief tour of Protobi

Protobi creates instant online interactive visualizations for an entire survey. You can explore the data, further organize the data into groups and tabs, and share it securely with colleagues and clients.

Scenario bar
Tree organizes
Every field becomes
a clickable chart
Variable and value labels
displayed from data file
Copy the URL
to save views
Invite colleagues
to collaborate
Tabs organize
Click any value to
subset and query the data

We designed Protobi to be
the tool we want to use.

Easy data exploration

Instant crosstabs

Drag and drop text coding

Click any value to subset the data

Statistical comparisons to baseline

Bin numeric ranges

Missing/blank/skip values


Verbatim text analysis

Visualize your data to tell the story

Bars, columns, pies, lines

Bars, columns, pies, lines

Tornado charts

Venn diagrams

Geographic maps

Sankey diagrams

Paired tables

Custom charts

Word clouds

Powerful statistical tools


Independent and pairwise tests

Highlight significant differences

Combine variables

Complete data processing

Auto language translation

Verbatim coding

Individual level weighting

Data processing and services

Export to Excel, PowerPoint, PDF

Advanced data cleaning in JS or SPSS syntax

Merge multiple datasets

Calculate and apply weights

Update early and often

Bin numeric ranges

Missing/blank/skip values


Verbatim text analysis

Protobi professional services

We're here to help.

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Protobi chart gallery

Standard chart types for every data type; specialized charts for presentation and analysis. More

Designed for complex research

CDC patient audits

As one example, Protobi delivers online interactive views of the CDC National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS), an annual public health survey to understand outpatient care in the US.

NAMCS is a survey of thousands of physicians, with detailed patient report forms, stratified sampling and weighting.

Protobi provides access to this important data as a public service.

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Patient report form
Interactive view in Protobi

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