As you work, Protobi keeps track of all your changes. Each time you save, that version is stored in history on the server with a time stamp. Even before you save, each time you make a change, that version is saved in local history in your browser. And even if you close without saving, when you re-open, you can restore your most recent unsaved changes. Once you open a project, you can literally unplug the wifi and reliably work from an airplane or ferry until you can sync your changes when back online. You could even choose not to sync your changes at all, letting you and your clients can make local changes each in their own browser, without needing to change the master view that everyone can see. ## Local history Select "Local history" from the context menu in the toolbar, or press Shift+Z to bring up a history dialog which will restore your project as it existed at any moment during the session:
Local history

Click to restore project as of specified time:

2 seconds ago
4 minutes ago
Today 2:43 pm
(Recovered from prior session)
Press any time stamp to revert to the project as it existed then. If somehow you closed your browser or navigated away, no worries, your most recent state is recovered. Protobi will prompt you to restore any unsaved changes. Press Ok to open the project as it last existed locally or press Cancel to keep the clean latest version from the server. Either way, it's not a permanent decision. If you hit cancel, the last known version will be added to your history as "(Recovered from prior session)". If you hit "Ok" you can reload without saving and get back to where you were.
Restore from local history

There are local unsaved changes.
Restore unsaved changes?

## Server history If you've already saved your changes you can recover prior versions from History on the project adminp page. You'll see a list of prior saves with timestamps. You can press "View" to open a read only version to compare. Or press "Restore" to make a new copy of that the latest version. Pressing "Delta" will open a very detailed list of changes.