About Protobi

With our instant online visualization, we're changing survey analysis from "let us get back to you" to "great question! let's answer that now."

Our clients are primarily professional market research firms and survey software platforms. Over 100 life science firms, ad agencies, and universities use our software via our clients.

Our clients use Protobi to provide instant online analytics for their surveys, provide sharper insights for their clients, and win more projects.

Its design reflects the cumulative input and suggestions of many thoughtful analysts, decision makers and statisticians in professional use.

Our team

Protobi is founded by Pieter Sheth-Voss, PhD, a quantitative analyst and software developer experienced using physician- and patient -level data to inform product design and marketing strategy. He has a doctorate in Decision Sciences from RPI and a BS Engineering from UIUC.

Jung Yueh, FSA, CFA leads client services at Protobi. He brings experience in patient analytics, health care pricing, and enterprise reporting. He is a credentialed actuary and chartered financial analyst, with degrees in Comp Sci and Mathematics from Northeastern and MIT.

Arielle Ahladianakis covers client communication and product support. She brings experience in marketing communication and a BA in business from Framingham State University.

Protobi Mission and Values

Our mission is for decision makers to see and question the data that informs their decisions.

We believe the ability to accurately and concisely see data is for everybody, not just professional statisticians. Because just beneath every good answer is another good question you might wish to ask.

Our principles:

See our Terms of service for more information on how we protect your data.

Careers at Protobi

Protobi is about asking good questions and coming up with great answers together. If you’re in the greater Boston area and curious and passionate about analytics, Protobi could be your happy place.

We take pride in the amazing people we bring to our client projects. That may include you. To apply, contact us directly and tell how you can contribute something awesome, with 95% confidence.

Contact us

The best way to get in touch is by email, and perhaps sending some data so we have something to talk about. You can also reach us in these ways: