Solutions for one survey or many

Whether you're an analyst seeking fast crosstabs or a consultant with demanding clients to impress, Protobi has a solution for you.

For one survey...

Protobi Workspace

$960 (shared access)
or $480 (solo analyst)

A single workspace for an interactive view of an entire survey dataset

This includes all software features, e.g.:

  • Interactive charts
  • Drag and drop crosstabs
  • Collaborative editing
  • Advanced chart types
  • Export to Excel, PowerPoint
  • Automatic translations
  • Advanced text recoding
  • Data processing engine
  • Export to PowerPoint as charts
  • Export to Excel as tables
  • General tech support

You can share the view with up to 12 users, with view, edit or admin access.

This includes a 30 minute worksession just so we can ensure you're all set.

Bundle 1:
Expert support

$960 + 2 • $240 = $1,400

Shared workspace plus two hours of expert help in upfront design

This is by far our most popular option.

This includes time for us to work with your team to set up a complete view of your entire survey for your analysis and handle many of the unique challenges each project presents.

Just send us the survey data, we'll import and create a basic view.

Schedule a design session and we'll walk through the workspace with you online to set up each chart

We'll help you best use all of Protobi's features and suggest designs that save your team hours of time.

Bundle 2:
Extended support

$960 + 10 • $240 = $3,200

Protobi shared workspace, design session, plus 10 hours expert support

This is for bigger projects where you have challenging deliverables or you just want analyst help to create them.

Within this additional time we can accomplish a variety of tasks.

For tracking reports, we can set up charts in your report for rapid updates.

We can set up data process code that combines files, cleans data, stacks case forms, calculates weights, etc.

Or you can ask us to draft slides for a PowerPoint report you can focus on the analysis not the mechanics.

Or we can get text verbatims coded for you quickly by expert human analysts .

For multiple surveys

Tracking research

If you're running a series of waves, Protobi has features to support you.

You can combine data from multiple survey waves in a Protobi data process.

Wave and date appear as elements you can use to crosstab other elements.

You can update data yourself within a Protobi Workspace at no extra cost.

Each wave or each quarter, you may wish to copy the Workspace into a new independent version so the view can evolve as your analysis does, but can still see prior versions as they were.

Set up charts in Protobi that exactly parallel your PowerPoint report, so that your clients can easily navigate them, and your analysts can easily update and QC the report each wave.

Even bring in your "final" report from one wave and use it as a template for later waves, linking charts so that Protobi updates PowerPoint charts and tables in place.

Costs are simply based on number of workspaces and support hours.

Agency features

As your firm uses Protobi with more clients by more teams, Protobi has features to support your growth:

We can provide a subdomain, with your brand, logo, colors.

Specify additional authentication providers and optionally require second-factor verification.

Add your Protobi portal as a link on your firms' website. If you already have a client portal, we can integrate sign-in with that.

Appoint an organization admin, to see all projects associated with your account, and all users and activities associated with each.

Set up invoice billing and detailed cost accounting.

Provide additional training and sandbox accounts for your teams.

There is no additional cost for these features, you get them as you grow.

Enterprise features

For firms that use Protobi at scale for we provide enterprise-level capabilities.

Integrate and automate with Protobi APIs, so your machines talk to our machines, and with a single button clients open an automatically created view with fresh data.

Deploy your own private Protobi under your brand as an independent tech stack , so all of your data is saved separate data stores from all other Protobi clients in accounts you control.

Enjoy flat rate pricing with service level and continuity assurance provisions.

Import all of your new and past surveys to create a searchable repository.

Costs are specific for your firm's use, but per-project costs are sharply lower for firms that do many surveys.

Professional services

From technical support to expert analytics, we're here to help you make your deliverables — and your team — look great.



Learning any new software can be daunting. We mean to make it easy.

We can conduct formal trainings for your team on analysis best practices and how to use Protobi best.

We can provide deep-dive trainings on special topics including segmentation, verbatim coding, and weighting & projection.

General tech support ("How do I do x") is included, within reason.

When you need us to get into the details of your research or do work for you schedule a worksession...



We're always ready to hop onto a screenshare session to help design the view for your specific analysis goals.

Typically each new workspace comes with time with our expert analysts.

Together we can customize the charts, set up data processing, weights, tempering, and other useful features.

We can take work offline too. We aim to save you way more hours than we bill.

To book a session on our calendar, use the Help widget for any project or sign into Protobi and go to support.

Custom services


Busy? We can create a first draft PowerPoint presentation for your survey.

Tracking reports? We can import your PowerPoint for one wave and automate it for any wave and region.

That crazy slide your client wants to see? We can automate that too.

Need to provide KPI reports on weekly claims data? We can do that too.

Just ask. We typically write a statement of work with fixed cost and hold to that.