CDC National Ambulatory Medicare Care Survey


Protobi® provides an

The National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS) is a major patient case review survey conducted every year by the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) to understand outpatient care.

Protobi® provides an interactive view of NAMCS data designed to parallel the case form, with access to the raw data and our professional analysts.

The sample projects to US outpatient visits and covers:

  • Physician practice
  • Patient demographics
  • Reasons for visit
  • Tests and procedures
  • Vital signs
  • Chronic conditions
  • Diagnoses
  • Medications

NAMCS is used by health policy makers, epidemiologists, and media to describe and understand the changes that occur in US outpatient care, with results appearing in medical journals, news articles and policy papers.

Explore NAMCS data

Exploratory view

Protobi® provides an interactive view of NAMCS data designed to parallel the case form.

Each column in the dataset appears as a chart. You can click on any data value to drill into any subset of patient visits, run crosstabs and compare scenarios with statistical contrasts.


In 2012, the survey recruited 15,740 physicians. Of these, 3,583 physicians completed 76,330 case review forms (CRF).

NAMCS sampling is designed so the results are projectible to be representative of all US outpatient visits to US throughout the year.

NAMCS uses a "two-stage" sample -- physicians are recruited to the survey based on their census region. Eligible physicians are then invited to complete detailed patient case review forms for at least half of the patients they seen in a given week.

The sampling frame for the NAMCS is all physicians in the AMA and AOA master files (except anesthesiology, radiology and pathology).


NAMCS provides weights that allow visits in the sample to be projected to all US visits.

Why weight? In the survey, all case forms are equal, each case form counts as one case. But each case in the sample represents some number of cases in the US. Some physicians may see more patients, or come from areas that are underrpresented in the sample, and thus their cases may count more.

By default, Protobi shows the weighted percentages and counts. Toggle the "Weight" button to see raw frequencies.

What's great about NAMCS

The National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey is the only major public large-scale survey of US outpatient care.

It can be used to profile patients who have a given diagnosis, are prescribed a given medicine, or receive certain tests.

A unique strength is that NAMCS elicit's the patient's reason for visit (in addition to the physician's diagnsosis). For instance, one can profile the diagnsoses that may be associated with "Fever", "Cough" and "Headache". NAMCS may be the only broad representative study of patient complaints in US outpatient care.

Because data are directly from a broad sample of physicians, they span patients covered by commercial insurance, Medicare/Medicaid, self-pay and indigent patients.

NAMCS vs commercial patient chart audits

NAMCS is comparable to the commercial audits Health and Treatment Insights (HTI) by inVentiv and the National Drug and Therapeutic Index (NDTI) by IQVIA.

Each are large-scale surveys of US outpatient physicians, collecting detailed information on patient visits.

Commercial chart audits are released monthly with a three-month lag, wheras NAMCS public-use data files are released with a three-year lag. Also commercial audits collect more details for each drug prescribed, including drug-specific diagnoses and doses.

On the other hand, NAMCS is publicly available, rigorously sampled to be nationally representative with a participation rate that is high, broad, and documented, and elicits' the patient's reason for visit.

See "A comparison of the national disease and therapeutic index and the national ambulatory medical care survey to evaluate antibiotic usage" .

Caveats and Limitations

Useful as it is, NAMCS is not designed for every purpose.

First it is a sample of outpatient visits not patients. Patients who visit physicians several times in a year are more likely to appear in the sample. Patients who do not visit a physician at all will not appear in the sample.

NAMCS does not measure prevalence or incidence, only outpatient visits. The case report form does elicit whether a patient has been seen before by the physician, but does not indicate if the treated condition(s) are new.

NAMCS does not track individual patients, and cannot be used for longitudinal analysis of patients over time. However, NAMCS data can be compared across months or years to identify overall trends.

NAMCS does elicit multiple diagnsoses and medications but does not tie individual diagnoses to individual medications. For instance, NAMCS can show that a patient was treated for hyperlipidemia and diabetes, and received Lipitor and Metformin, but does not record if Metformin was specifically for the diabetes.

Sample sizes can be small for rarer conditions or when controlling for multiple patient factors.


NAMCS contains over 600 data columns. A few items are shown below. Clicking here takes to you the interactive view.

Numeric values such as Patient age are binned into ranges that match the CDC web tables. You can modify the ranges.

Some variables like Reasons for visit, Physician diagnoses and Medications allow multiple values. These are condensed into a single view.

Reason for visit
Patient's complaints, symptoms or other reasons for this visit, in patient's own words [coded by CDC analysts]
Value Value
Progress visit, NOS 8.6%
General medical examination 8.0%
Cough 4.9%
Postoperative visit 4.5%
Medication, other and unspecified kinds 3.5%
Nasal congestion 2.7%
Hypertension 2.3%
Fever 2.3%
Back pain, ache, soreness, discomfort 2.1%
Throat soreness 2.0%
Medical counseling, NOS 2.0%
Prenatal examination, routine 2.0%
Low back pain, ache, soreness, discom... 2.0%
Knee pain, ache, soreness, discomfort 1.9%
Diabetes mellitus 1.9%
Skin rash 1.7%
Gynecological examination 1.7%
For other and unspecified test results 1.7%
Anxiety and nervousness 1.7%
Headache, pain in head 1.7%
Depression 1.6%
Well baby examination 1.5%
Shoulder pain, ache, soreness, discom... 1.5%
Neck pain, ache, soreness, discomfort 1.4%
Earache, pain 1.3%
Tiredness, exhaustion 1.3%
Abdominal pain, cramps, spasms, NOS 1.3%
Leg pain, ache, soreness, discomfort 1.3%
Other endocrine, nutritional, and met... 1.2%
Pain, unspecified 1.2%
Vertigo - dizziness 1.1%
Preoperative visit for specified/unsp... 1.1%
Skin lesion 1.0%
Accident, NOS 1.0%
Chest pain 1.0%
Other special examination 1.0%
Eye examination 0.9%
Diminished vision 0.9%
Diarrhea 0.9%
Head cold, upper respiratory infectio... 0.9%
Vomiting 0.8%
Shortness of breath 0.8%
Discoloration or abnormal pigmentation 0.8%
Nausea 0.8%
Foot and toe pain, ache, soreness, di... 0.8%
Diseases of the thyroid gland 0.8%
Prophylactic inoculations 0.8%
Hip pain, ache, soreness, discomfort 0.7%
Blood pressure test 0.7%
Other heart disease 0.7%
Other and unspecified diagnostic tests 0.7%
Loss of feeling (anesthesia) 0.6%
Diagnosed complications of pregnancy ... 0.6%
Frequency and urgency of urination 0.6%
Hand and finger pain, ache, soreness,... 0.6%
Asthma 0.6%
Urinary tract disease except cystitis 0.6%
Other blood test 0.6%
Acne or pimples 0.6%
Diseases of the esophagus, stomach, a... 0.5%
For other findings of blood tests 0.5%
Insomnia 0.5%
Allergy, NOS 0.5%
Other diseases of the skin 0.5%
Oth symptoms/problems relat to psycho... 0.5%
Arthritis 0.5%
Constipation 0.5%
Arm pain, ache, soreness, discomfort 0.5%
Other diseases of the eye 0.5%
Painful urination 0.5%
Cancer, skin and subcutaneous tissues 0.4%
Cataract 0.4%
Other respiratory diseases 0.4%
Edema 0.4%
Weight gain 0.4%
Labored or difficult breathing (dyspnea) 0.4%
Skin itching 0.4%
Functional psychoses 0.4%
Other musculoskeletal or connective t... 0.4%
Other growths of skin 0.4%
Ischemic heart disease 0.4%
Pap smear 0.4%
Plugged feeling in ear 0.4%
Other specific therapeutic procedures... 0.4%
Urinary tract infection, NOS 0.4%
Unspecified joint pain, ache, sorenes... 0.4%
Stomach and abdominal pain, cramps an... 0.4%
Sinus problems 0.4%
Other and unspecified mental disorders 0.4%
Glaucoma 0.4%
General ill feeling 0.4%
Wrist pain, ache, soreness, discomfort 0.4%
Wheezing 0.4%
Entry of "none" or "no complaint" 0.4%
Diseases of the intestine and peritoneum 0.4%
Diagnostic endoscopies 0.4%
Hand and finger symptoms 0.4%
Family planning, NOS 0.4%
Minor surgery 0.3%
Abnormal pulsations and palpitations 0.3%
Migraine headache 0.3%
Injections 0.3%
Eye pain 0.3%
Other and unspecified symptoms refera... 0.3%
Carbuncle, furuncle, boil, cellulitis... 0.3%
Ankle pain, ache, soreness, discomfort 0.3%
Anemia 0.3%
Upper respiratory infections except t... 0.3%
Diminished hearing 0.3%
Abnormal sensation (paresthesia) 0.3%
Decreased appetite 0.3%
Swelling of skin 0.3%
Other benign neoplasms 0.3%
Abnormal color of eyes 0.3%
Suture - insertion, removal 0.3%
Hernia of abdominal cavity 0.3%
Other and unspecified diseases of the... 0.3%
Other and unspecified symptoms refera... 0.3%
Heartburn and indigestion (dyspepsia) 0.3%
Warts, NOS 0.3%
Cancer, breast 0.3%
Disturbances of sleep 0.3%
Sinus pain and pressure 0.3%
Postpartum examination, routine 0.3%
Congestion in chest 0.3%
Difficulty in swallowing (dysphagia) 0.3%
Other disease of circulatory system 0.3%
Anal-rectal bleeding 0.3%
Complications of surgical/medical proc... 0.3%
Sleep apnea 0.3%
Side pain, flank pain 0.3%
Diet and nutritional counseling 0.3%
Viral diseases 0.3%
Pelvic pain 0.3%
Other malignant neoplasms 0.3%
Eczema and dermatitis, NOS 0.3%
Vaginal discharge 0.2%
Extraneous vision 0.2%
Disorders of motor functions 0.2%
Physical examination required for emp... 0.2%
General weakness 0.2%
Memory, disturbances of 0.2%
Symptoms of skin moles 0.2%
Upper abdominal pain, cramps, spasms 0.2%
Inadequate data base 0.2%
Lower abdominal pain, cramps, spasms, 0.2%
Unspecified muscle pain, ache, sorene... 0.2%
Incontinence of urine (enuresis) 0.2%
Symptoms of infertility 0.2%
Excessive sputum 0.2%
Pain, specified site not referable to... 0.2%
Insect bite 0.2%
Other and unspecified symptoms refera... 0.2%
Attention deficit disorder (ADD) 0.2%
Elbow pain, ache, soreness, discomfort 0.2%
Uterine and vaginal bleeding 0.2%
Eye itching 0.2%
Knee symptoms 0.2%
Dryness, peeling, scaliness, roughnes... 0.2%
Vision dysfunctions 0.2%
Physical examination for extracurricu... 0.2%
Wrinkles of skin 0.2%
Motor vehicle accident, type of injur... 0.2%
Sinus congestion 0.2%
Weight loss 0.2%
Other symptoms referable to the nervo... 0.2%
Abnormal involuntary movements 0.2%
Chills 0.2%
Blood in urine (hematuria) 0.2%
Injury, other and unspecified, of han... 0.2%
Injury, multiple or unspecified 0.2%
Fungus infections (mycoses) 0.2%
Hay fever 0.2%
Nosebleed (epistaxis) 0.2%
Major surgery 0.2%
Diseases of the male genital organs 0.2%
Facial pain 0.2%
Pneumonia 0.2%
Discharge from eye--tearing, watering... 0.2%
Hemorrhoids 0.2%
For radiological findings 0.2%
Adverse effect of medication 0.2%
Convulsions 0.2%
For cytology findings 0.2%
Other urinary dysfunctions 0.2%
Allergy medication 0.2%
Cancer, urinary and male genital tract 0.2%
Chest discomfort, pressure, tightness 0.2%
Sinus inflammation, infection 0.2%
Injury, other and unspecified of head... 0.2%
Impotence 0.2%
21350 0.2%
Other vaginal symptoms 0.2%
Swelling of leg 0.2%
Nonarticular rheumatism 0.2%
Ear infection 0.2%
Blood in stool (melena) 0.2%
Fainting (syncope) 0.1%
Excessive sweating, perspiration 0.1%
Foot and toe symptoms 0.1%
Swelling of foot and toe 0.1%
Problems of pregnancy 0.1%
Flu 0.1%
Psoriasis 0.1%
Pulling at ears, picking at ears 0.1%
Injury, other and unspecified, of sho... 0.1%
Extraneous hearing 0.1%
For results of blood glucose tests 0.1%
For results of cholesterol and trigly... 0.1%
Fracture/dislocation of arm 0.1%
Other reason for visit required by party 0.1%
71200 0.1%
Swelling of hand and finger 0.1%
Swelling of knee 0.1%
Groin pain 0.1%
Temper problems 0.1%
Cancer, gastrointestinal tract 0.1%
Diseases of the liver, gallbladder, a... 0.1%
Other symptoms referable to the respi... 0.1%
Laceration/cut of upper extremity 0.1%
Bronchitis 0.1%
Sneezing 0.1%
Drug dependence 0.1%
Leg symptoms 0.1%
Botox injection 0.1%
Cerebrovascular disease 0.1%
Problems, complaints, NEC 0.1%
Contraceptive device 0.1%
Contraceptive medication 0.1%
Hoarseness, loss of voice 0.1%
Other diseases of blood and blood-for... 0.1%
Chemotherapy 0.1%
Shoulder symptoms 0.1%
Disorders of respiratory sound, NEC 0.1%
Other symptoms referable to skin 0.1%
Swelling of eyes 0.1%
Inflammatory diseases of the eye 0.1%
Symptoms of fluid abnormalities 0.1%
Other and unspecified infectious and ... 0.1%
Bleeding, multiple or unspecified sites 0.1%
Cancer, respiratory tract 0.1%
Lump or mass of breast 0.1%
Heart examination 0.1%
Physical medicine and rehabilitation 0.1%
Glaucoma test 0.1%
Other musculoskeletal symptoms 0.1%
Sleepiness (hypersomnia) 0.1%
Excessively heavy (menorrhagia) menst... 0.1%
Discharge from eye 0.1%
Other diseases of female reproductive... 0.1%
Pain or soreness of breast 0.1%
Gout, hyperuricemia 0.1%
Injury, other and unspecified, of knee 0.1%
Rib pain 0.1%
Physical examination required for school 0.1%
Symptoms referable to hair and scalp 0.1%
Symptoms referable to throat 0.1%
Too little hair 0.1%
Infections of skin, NOS 0.1%
Swelling of ankle 0.1%
Pain during pregnancy 0.1%
Swollen or enlarged glands 0.1%
Anal-rectal pain 0.1%
Streptococcal infection 0.1%
Cramps, spasms, site unspecified 0.1%
For results of EKG 0.1%
Infant crying too much, fussy, fidget... 0.1%
Discharge from ear 0.1%
Behavioral disturbances 0.1%
Leg cramps, contractures, spasms 0.1%
Skin irritations, NEC 0.1%
Other symptoms of nose 0.1%
Sprain or strain, other and unspecified 0.1%
Excessive urination, night (nocturia) 0.1%
Flatulence 0.1%
Other symptoms or changes in bowel fu... 0.1%
Fracture/dislocation of leg 0.1%
Breast examination 0.1%
Arm symptoms 0.1%
Unpredictable menstrual interval 0.1%
Biopsies 0.1%
Abdominal distention, fullness, NOS 0.1%
Menopausal symptoms 0.1%
Lump, mass, tumor of neck 0.1%
Vasomotor symptoms-hot flashes 0.1%
Injury, other and unspecified, of wrist 0.1%
Fracture/dislocation of hand and fingers 0.1%
Vaginal itching, burning 0.1%
Symptoms of prostate 0.1%
Preconception Counseling and Education 0.1%
Pregnancy, unconfirmed 0.1%
Frigidity, loss of sex drive, lack of... 0.1%
Varicose veins 0.1%
Organic psychoses 0.1%
Cancer of urinary tract 0.1%
Fracture/dislocation of wrist 0.1%
Smoking problems 0.1%
Injury, other and unspecified, of ankle 0.1%
Weakness of leg 0.1%
Injury, other and unspecified, of foo... 0.1%
Symptoms of sexual dysfunction 0.1%
Injury, other and unspecified, of back 0.1%
Symptoms of bladder 0.1%
Blood test for venereal disease 0.1%
Sprain and strain of ankle 0.1%
Limitation of movement, stiffness of ... 0.1%
Glucose level determination 0.1%
Skin immunity test 0.1%
Irregular heartbeat 0.1%
Abnormal sensations of the eye 0.1%
Discharge from eye--pus, matter, whit... 0.1%
Laceration/cut of lower extremity 0.1%
Pain, aching, tenderness of the scrot... 0.1%
Intermenstrual bleeding (metrorrhagia) 0.1%
Other symptoms of the heart 0.1%
Tumor or mass, site unspecified 0.1%
Changes in size, color, shape, or odo... 0.1%
Diagnostic radiology 0.1%
Absence of menstruation (amenorrhea) 0.1%
Mammography, xerography, breast therm... 0.1%
Painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea) 0.1%
Skin pain 0.1%
Late effects of an old injury 0.1%
Symptoms referable to lips 0.1%
Anger 0.1%
Exposure to other infectious diseases 0.1%
23550 0.1%
Phlebitis, thrombophlebitis 0.1%
Sprain and strain of back 0.1%
Other social problems 0.1%
Fracture/dislocation of foot and toes 0.1%
Pinkeye 0.1%
Abnormal drug usage 0.1%
Other symptoms ref to the cardiovas/l... 0.1%
General psychiatric or psychological ... 0.1%
Retention of urine 0.1%
Stiffness, site unspecified 0.1%
Fracture/dislocation of trunk area, e... 0.1%
Breathing problems, NEC 0.1%
Toothache 0.1%
Eye burning 0.1%
Back symptoms 0.1%
Symptoms of eyelids 0.1%
Symptoms of the kidneys 0.1%
Other problems of family relationship 0.1%
Laceration/cut of facial area 0.1%
Ingrown nails 0.1%
Limitation of movement, stiffness of ... 0.1%
Menstrual symptoms, other and unspeci... 0.1%
Other and unspecified congenital anom... 0.1%
Symptoms of head, NEC 0.1%
Contusion/abrasion/bruise, site unspe... 0.1%
Animal, human bite 0.1%
Throat irritation, scratch, tickle 0.1%
Occupational problems 0.1%
Hearing test 0.1%
Burn, all degrees, to extremities 0.1%
Vaginal pain 0.1%
Psychotherapy 0.1%
Symptoms of face, not elsewhere class... 0.1%
Infection of skin of leg, foot, or toe 0.1%
Hip symptoms 0.1%
Contusions/abrasions/bruises of lower... 0.1%
Diaper rash 0.1%
Blindness and half vision 0.1%
Coughing up blood 0.0%
Infant feeding problem 0.0%
Internal prosthetic device 0.0%
Injury, other and unspecified, of arm 0.0%
Urine test 0.0%
Symptoms referable to mouth 0.0%
Double vision (diplopia) 0.0%
Neck symptoms 0.0%
Restlessness 0.0%
Neuroses 0.0%
Sterilization to be performed (at thi... 0.0%
Mass or growth of eyelids 0.0%
Lump, mass, tumor of hand and finger 0.0%
Low back symptoms 0.0%
General or unspecified nonviral infec... 0.0%
Jaundice 0.0%
Multiple sclerosis 0.0%
Sprain and strain of knee 0.0%
Lump, mass, tumor of arm 0.0%
Other symptoms referable to breast 0.0%
Infant regurgitation, spitting up 0.0%
Fracture, other and unspecified 0.0%
Fracture/dislocation of ankle 0.0%
Disability examination 0.0%
Symptoms of onset of labor 0.0%
Delusions or hallucinations 0.0%
Lump, mass, tumor of leg 0.0%
Back cramps, contractures, spasms 0.0%
Marital problems 0.0%
Disorders of speech, speech disturbance 0.0%
Pelvic symptoms 0.0%
Other symptoms referable to urinary t... 0.0%
Cancer, female genital tract 0.0%
Increased heartbeat 0.0%
Problems with shape or size of breast 0.0%
EKG, ECG, electrocardiogram, treadmil... 0.0%
Parent-child problems 0.0%
For results of skin tests 0.0%
Epilepsy 0.0%
Noncompliance with medication therapy 0.0%
Abdominal mass or tumor 0.0%
Itching of ears 0.0%
Navel problems 0.0%
Symptoms referable to nails 0.0%
Adverse effects of environment 0.0%
Mouth ulcer, sore 0.0%
Neoplasm of uncertain nature 0.0%
Symptoms referable to tonsils 0.0%
Alcohol-related problems 0.0%
Limitation of movement, stiffness of ... 0.0%
Other diseases of the ear 0.0%
Unspecified muscle cramps, contractur... 0.0%
Otitis media 0.0%
Weakness of arm 0.0%
Injury, other and unspecified, of leg 0.0%
Injury, other and unspecified, of eye 0.0%
Cast, splint - application, removal 0.0%
Lump, mass, tumor of back 0.0%
Internal mass, NOS 0.0%
Violence, NOS 0.0%
Postmenopausal bleeding 0.0%
Incontinence of stool 0.0%
Parasitic diseases 0.0%
Symptoms of teeth and gums 0.0%
Symptoms of penis 0.0%
Symptoms referable to tongue 0.0%
Infection of skin of arm, hand, or fi... 0.0%
Limitation of movement, stiffness of arm 0.0%
Abnormal movement of eyelids 0.0%
Contusions/abrasions/bruises of upper... 0.0%
Unusual color or odor of urine 0.0%
Alcoholism 0.0%
Swelling of elbow 0.0%
Other diseases of digestive system 0.0%
Eye infection and inflammation 0.0%
Sensitization test 0.0%
General viral infection 0.0%
Injury, other and unspecified, of elbow 0.0%
Throat pain 0.0%
Foreign body in eye 0.0%
Foreign body in other and unspecified... 0.0%
Feeling hot 0.0%
Abdominal swelling, NOS 0.0%
Kidney pain 0.0%
Refractive error 0.0%
HIV with or without associated conditions 0.0%
Throat lump or mass 0.0%
Educational problems 0.0%
Mouth dryness 0.0%
Mouth pain, burning, soreness 0.0%
Contusions/abrasions/bruises of head,... 0.0%
Weakness of hand and finger 0.0%
IV therapy, infusion 0.0%
Vulvar disorders 0.0%
Anal-rectal swelling or mass 0.0%
Tube insertion 0.0%
Fracture/dislocation of spinal column 0.0%
Artificial insemination 0.0%
Abnormalities of sputum or phlegm 0.0%
Fibroids and other uterine neoplasms 0.0%
Wrist symptoms 0.0%
Itching of scalp 0.0%
Ankle symptoms 0.0%
Musculoskeletal deformities 0.0%
Seborrheic dermatitis 0.0%
Anal-rectal itching 0.0%
Symptoms of the scrotum and testes 0.0%
For results of urine tests 0.0%
Tonsillitis 0.0%
Inflammation and swelling of nose 0.0%
Bedwetting 0.0%
Respiratory therapy 0.0%
Symptoms referable to anus-rectum 0.0%
Other disturbances of sense, includin... 0.0%
Corrective appliances 0.0%
Problems with identity and self-esteem 0.0%
Feeling cold 0.0%
Hypertension with involvement of targ... 0.0%
Lack of growth 0.0%
Laceration/cut, site unspecified 0.0%
Infection, inflammation, swelling of ... 0.0%
Growths, warts, lumps, bumps of the s... 0.0%
Recent weight loss 0.0%
Cystitis 0.0%
Temperomandibular joint (TMJ) pain 0.0%
Change in size or color of skin moles 0.0%
Bladder infection 0.0%
Other symptoms referable to the femal... 0.0%
Symptoms of liver, gallbladder, and b... 0.0%
Fears and phobias 0.0%
Limitation of movement, stiffness of ... 0.0%
Cosmetic injection, NOS 0.0%
Symptoms of unspecified joints 0.0%
Limitation of movement, stiffness of ... 0.0%
Swelling of wrist 0.0%
Cervicitis, vaginitis 0.0%
Unwanted hair 0.0%
Congenital anomalies of heart and cir... 0.0%
Neck cramps, contractures, spasms 0.0%
Limitation of movement, stiffness of leg 0.0%
Spotting, bleeding during pregnancy 0.0%
Sprain and strain of cervical spine, ... 0.0%
Obsessions and compulsions 0.0%
Limitation of movement, stiffness of hip 0.0%
Other symptoms of male reproductive s... 0.0%
Weakness (neurologic) 0.0%
Transplant, NOS 0.0%
Difficulty eating 0.0%
Irrigation, lavage 0.0%
Insurance examination 0.0%
Chest pain and related symptoms 0.0%
Weakness of knee 0.0%
Swelling of arm 0.0%
Fracture/dislocation of head and face 0.0%
Venereal diseases 0.0%
Tongue inflammation, infection, swelling 0.0%
Abnormal eye movements 0.0%
Swelling, inflammation of the scrotum... 0.0%
Foreign body in skin 0.0%
Sprain and strain of wrist 0.0%
Tongue pain 0.0%
Vaginal infection 0.0%
Contusions/abrasions/bruises of eye 0.0%
71310 0.0%
Bladder pain 0.0%
Growths or mass of ears 0.0%
Elbow symptoms 0.0%
Swelling of neck 0.0%
Injury, other and unspecified, of che... 0.0%
Hormone deficiency or problem 0.0%
Postpartum problems 0.0%
Exposure to venereal disease 0.0%
Throat swelling 0.0%
Vulvar itching and irritation, swelling 0.0%
Cold sore 0.0%
Gastrointestinal bleeding 0.0%
Antisocial behavior 0.0%
Wart removed 0.0%
Weakness of foot and toe 0.0%
Deviation of eyes 0.0%
Hostile behavior 0.0%
Dressing, bandage - application, change 0.0%
Lumps, bumps, growths, warts of penis 0.0%
Dryness, flaky scalp 0.0%
Lump, mass, tumor of wrist 0.0%
Pain, aching, soreness, tenderness, p... 0.0%
Bleeding of ear 0.0%
Fibrocystic and other diseases of breast 0.0%
Pelvic pressure or dropping sensation 0.0%
Intestinal infectious diseases 0.0%
Family history of cancer 0.0%
Psychosexual disorders 0.0%
Disturbances of sensation 0.0%
Injury, other and unspecified, of hip 0.0%
Radiation therapy 0.0%
Disorders of voice 0.0%
Flushed, blushing 0.0%
Hearing dysfunctions 0.0%
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) test 0.0%
Limitation of movement, stiffness of ... 0.0%
Weakness of unspecified muscles 0.0%
Decreased heartbeat 0.0%
Foot and toe cramps, contractures, sp... 0.0%
Mental retardation 0.0%
Allergy problems referable to eye 0.0%
Discharge from eye--bleeding 0.0%
Social adjustment problems 0.0%
Limitation of movement, stiffness of ... 0.0%
Fitting glasses and contact lenses 0.0%
Contact lens problems 0.0%
Nightmares 0.0%
Gastrointestinal infection 0.0%
Lump, mass, tumor of knee 0.0%
Change in abdominal size 0.0%
Vaginal dryness 0.0%
Appendicitis, all types 0.0%
Problem with access to medical care 0.0%
Symptoms of unspecified muscles 0.0%
Abnormal color, ridges, coated tongue 0.0%
Economic problem 0.0%
Excessive thirst 0.0%
Symptoms of the jaw, swelling 0.0%
Foreign body in digestive tract 0.0%
Problem with appearance of nose 0.0%
Excessive appetite 0.0%
Kidney mass 0.0%
Symptoms of growth and developmental ... 0.0%
Emphysema 0.0%
Prematurity 0.0%
Arm cramps, contractures, spasms 0.0%
Patient (or spokesperson) refused care 0.0%
Weakness of neck 0.0%
Slurring 0.0%
Illegible entry 0.0%
Family history of other disease or co... 0.0%
Swelling of unspecified joints 0.0%
Hand and finger cramps, contractures,... 0.0%
Limitation of movement, stiffness of ... 0.0%
Impetigo 0.0%
Unconscious on arrival 0.0%
Lung pain 0.0%
Poor circulation 0.0%
Lump, mass, tumor of shoulder 0.0%
Weakness of shoulder 0.0%
Postcoital bleeding, female 0.0%
Symptoms of the jaw, NOS 0.0%
Pain and related symptoms, generalize... 0.0%
Itching of eyelids 0.0%
Weakness of ankle 0.0%
Abnormal material in menstrual flow, ... 0.0%
Laceration/cut of trunk area 0.0%
Large volume of urine 0.0%
Appetite, abnormal 0.0%
Limitation of movement, stiffness of ... 0.0%
Kidney infection 0.0%
Burn, all degrees, to site unspecified 0.0%
Cracked, bleeding, dry lips 0.0%
Atherosclerosis 0.0%
Throat infection 0.0%
Frequent menstrual interval 0.0%
Burning sensation in the chest 0.0%
Discharge in stools 0.0%
Low back cramps, contractures, spasms 0.0%
Dental abscess 0.0%
Brittle, breaking, splitting, cracked... 0.0%
Ingestion, inhalation, or exposure to... 0.0%
Kidney dialysis 0.0%
Vulvar growth, wart, cyst, ulcer, sore 0.0%
Urinary hesitancy 0.0%
Incontinence of urine (enuresis) 0.0%
Gum pain 0.0%
Sunburn, windburn 0.0%
Rheumatic fever and chronic rheumatic... 0.0%
All other perinatal conditions 0.0%
Laceration/cut of head and neck area 0.0%
Lung infection 0.0%
Bleeding or discharge from nipple of ... 0.0%
Puncture wound, site unspecified 0.0%
Limitation of movement, stiffness of ... 0.0%
Abnormal color of lips 0.0%
Vomiting blood (hematemesis) 0.0%
General symptoms of infants, NEC 0.0%
Urinary tract instrumentation and cat... 0.0%
Rape 0.0%
Pigeon-toed, feet turn in 0.0%
Intentional self-mutilation 0.0%
Infection, inflammation, swelling of ... 0.0%
Foreign body in nose 0.0%
Swelling of hip 0.0%
Symptoms of lymph glands (or nodes) 0.0%
Suicide attempt 0.0%
Sepsis, septicemia 0.0%
Pallor, paleness 0.0%
Cross-eyed 0.0%
Abnormal size or shape of ears, "ears... 0.0%
Vulvar mass, lump 0.0%
Puncture wound of upper extremity 0.0%
Transplant Failure, NOS 0.0%
Swelling of shoulder 0.0%
Adverse effects, other and unspecified 0.0%
Child abuse or neglect 0.0%
Swelling of back 0.0%
Undescended testicles 0.0%
Legal problems 0.0%
Small volume of urine 0.0%
Eye strain 0.0%
Penile discharge 0.0%
Pain of liver, gallbladder, and bilia... 0.0%
Sexual abuse 0.0%
Limitation of movement, stiffness of ... 0.0%
Contusions/abrasions/bruises of trunk... 0.0%
Excessive growth 0.0%
Lump, mass, tumor of foot and toe 0.0%
Lump, mass, tumor of ankle 0.0%
Group counseling 0.0%
Other cultures 0.0%
Exposure to bodily fluids of another ... 0.0%
Battered spouse 0.0%
Family history of cardiovascular disease 0.0%
Abnormal appearance of eyes 0.0%
Hysterical behavior 0.0%
Protrusion (exophthalmos) of eyes 0.0%
Infected nails 0.0%
Diabetic skin ulcer (wound check) 0.0%
Puncture wound of lower extremity 0.0%
Weakness of elbow 0.0%
Limitation of movement, stiffness of ... 0.0%
Burn, all degrees, to head, neck, and... 0.0%
Throat culture 0.0%
Earache, or ear infection 0.0%
External prosthetic devices, artifici... 0.0%
Bleeding gums 0.0%
Burn, all degrees, to trunk area 0.0%
Abnormalities of urine 0.0%
Premenstrual symptoms 0.0%
Exposure to human immunodeficiency vi... 0.0%
Sore in nose 0.0%
Collagen injection 0.0%
Bowlegged, knock-kneed 0.0%
Pupils unequal 0.0%
Other diseases of the genitourinary system, NEC 0.0%
Pelvic infection, inflammation 0.0%
Puncture wound of head, neck and faci... 0.0%
Gunshot wound 0.0%
Weakness of hip 0.0%
Lump, mass, tumor of hip 0.0%
Personality and character disorders 0.0%
Lesion, internal NOS (excludes brain ... 0.0%
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation 0.0%
Cloudy, dull, hazy appearance of eyes 0.0%
Irregularity of menstrual interval 0.0%
Nailbiting 0.0%
Bladder mass 0.0%
Adverse effect of alcohol 0.0%
Lump, mass, tumor of unspecified muscles 0.0%
Infection of prostate 0.0%
Counseling and examinations for pregn... 0.0%
Abortion to be performed (at this visit) 0.0%
Underweight 0.0%
Heightened or acute hearing 0.0%
Physical examination required for sch... 0.0%
Family history of diabetes 0.0%
Weakness of wrist 0.0%
Mouth bleeding 0.0%
Scanty flow (oligomenorrhea) menstrua... 0.0%
Direct admission to hospital 0.0%
Infection of skin of head or neck area 0.0%
Knee cramps, contractures, spasms 0.0%
Cardiac arrest 0.0%
Pus (purulent drainage) from ear 0.0%
Accidental poisoning 0.0%
Hip cramps, contractures, spasms 0.0%
Swelling of lower back 0.0%
Dental cavities 0.0%
Lump, mass, tumor of elbow 0.0%
Detoxification 0.0%
Stomatitis 0.0%
Dyslexia, NOS 0.0%
Other symptoms of body temperature 0.0%
Overdose, intentional 0.0%
Symptoms of the jaw, lump or mass 0.0%
Preoccupation with sex 0.0%
Canker sore 0.0%
Bleeding mole 0.0%
Irregularity of menstrual flow 0.0%
Weakness of unspecified joints 0.0%
Lump, mass, tumor of unspecified joints 0.0%
Adverse effect of drug abuse 0.0%
Patient unable to speak English 0.0%
Homosexuality, concerns with 0.0%
Shoulder cramps, contractures, spasms 0.0%
Altered level of consciousness 0.0%
Pus in sputum 0.0%
Drug detoxification 0.0%
Itching, jock itch of the scrotum and... 0.0%
Acupuncture 0.0%
Puncture wound of trunk area 0.0%
Wrist cramps, contractures, spasms 0.0%
Police involvement in outpatient visi... 0.0%
Heart catheterization 0.0%
Rapid breathing (hyperventilation) 0.0%
Sleepwalking 0.0%
13503 0.0%

Physician diagnoses are recorded as ICD-9 codes and Medications as MULTUM codes. Labels are shown by default, and you can see raw codes by toggling the "Format" button.

Diagnoses treated in visit
Diagnosis as recorded by phyisician [recoded by CDC analysts]
(401) Essential hypertension8.5%
(272) Disorders of lipoid metabolism5.2%
(250) Diabetes mellitus4.7%
(V20) Health supervision of infant or...4.5%
(V67) Follow-up examination4.4%
(724) Other and unspecified disorders...3.8%
(780) General symptoms3.8%
(786) Symptoms involving respiratory ...3.2%
(719) Other and unspecified disorder ...3.1%
(V70) General medical examination3.0%
(300) Neurotic disorders2.7%
(V72) Special investigations and exam...2.5%
(V58) Other and unspecified aftercare2.3%
(493) Asthma2.1%
(465) Acute upper respiratory infecti...2.1%
(530) Diseases of esophagus2.0%
(311) Depressive disorder, not elsewh...1.9%
(729) Other disorders of soft tissues1.9%
(715) Osteoarthrosis and allied disor...1.9%
(V22) Normal pregnancy1.8%
(296) Affective psychoses1.7%
(414) Other forms of chronic ischemic...1.6%
(722) Intervertebral disc disorders1.6%
(477) Allergic rhinitis1.6%
(244) Acquired hypothyroidism1.6%
(278) Obesity and other hyperalimenta...1.6%
(702) Other dermatoses1.5%
(782) Symptoms involving skin and oth...1.5%
(366) Cataract1.5%
(789) Other symptoms involving abdome...1.5%
(787) Symptoms involving digestive sy...1.4%
(V99) Uncodable, entry of `none`, lef...1.4%
(314) Hyperkinetic syndrome of childhood1.4%
(462) Acute pharyngitis1.4%
(V45) Other postsurgical states1.4%
(427) Cardiac dysrhythmias1.4%
(365) Glaucoma1.3%
(382) Suppurative and unspecified oti...1.3%
(784) Symptoms involving head and neck1.3%
(692) Contact dermatitis and other ec...1.2%
(473) Chronic sinusitis1.2%
(599) Other disorders of urethra and ...1.2%
(706) Diseases of sebaceous glands1.2%
(788) Symptoms involving urinary system1.2%
(362) Other retinal disorders1.1%
(723) Other disorders of cervical region1.1%
(726) Peripheral enthesopathies and a...1.1%
(338) Pain, not elsewhere classified1.0%
(V50) Elective surgery for purposes o...1.0%
(733) Other disorders of bone and car...1.0%
(496) Chronic airways obstruction, no...0.9%
(585) Chronic renal failure0.8%
(461) Acute sinusitis0.8%
(564) Functional digestive disorders,...0.8%
(709) Other disorders of skin and sub...0.8%
(216) Benign neoplasm of skin0.8%
(847) Sprains and strains of other an...0.8%
(490) Bronchitis, not specified as ac...0.7%
(790) Nonspecific findings on examina...0.7%
(V43) Organ or tissue replaced by oth...0.7%
(285) Other and unspecified anemias0.7%
(372) Disorders of conjunctiva0.7%
(346) Migraine0.7%
(380) Disorders of external ear0.7%
(785) Symptoms involving cardiovascul...0.7%
(V76) Special screening for malignant...0.7%
(626) Disordr of menstruatn/oth abnm ...0.7%
(682) Other cellulitis and abscess0.7%
(721) Spondylosis and allied disorders0.6%
(701) Other hypertrophic and atrophic...0.6%
(995) Certain adverse effects, not el...0.6%
(466) Acute bronchitis and bronchiolitis0.6%
(716) Other and unspecified arthropat...0.6%
(305) Nondependent abuse of drugs0.6%
(V25) Contraceptive management0.6%
(600) Hyperplasia of prostate0.6%
(V65) Other persons seeking consultat...0.6%
(078) Other diseases due to viruses a...0.6%
(739) Nonallopathic lesions, not else...0.6%
(472) Chronic pharyngitis and nasopha...0.6%
(367) Disorders of refraction and acc...0.5%
(388) Other disorders of ear0.5%
(173) Other malignant neoplasm of skin0.5%
(V12) Personal history of certain oth...0.5%
(783) Symptoms concerning nutrition/m...0.5%
(379) Other disorders of eye0.5%
(354) Mononeuritis of upper limb and ...0.5%
(727) Other disorders of synovium, te...0.5%
(478) Other diseases of upper respira...0.5%
(174) Malignant neoplasm of female br...0.5%
(627) Menopausal and postmenopausal d...0.5%
(327) Organic sleep disorders0.5%
(428) Heart failure0.5%
(381) Nonsuppurative otitis media and...0.5%
(V04) Need for prophylac vacc/inocula...0.5%
(714) Rheumatoid arthritis and oth in...0.5%
(238) Neoplasm of uncert behav of oth...0.5%
(625) Pain and other symptoms associa...0.5%
(840) Sprains and strains of shoulder...0.4%
(079) Viral infection in conditns cla...0.4%
(V23) Supervision of high-risk pregnancy0.4%
(375) Disorders of lacrimal system0.4%
(V71) Observation and evaluation for ...0.4%
(268) Vitamin D deficiency0.4%
(728) Disorders of muscle, ligament, ...0.4%
(304) Drug dependence0.4%
(455) Hemorrhoids0.4%
(V10) Personal history of malignant n...0.4%
(558) Other noninfective gastroenteri...0.4%
(648) Oth cur cond in mothr clas else...0.4%
(185) Malignant neoplasm of prostate0.4%
(403) Hypertensive renal disease0.4%
(274) Gout0.4%
(569) Other disorders of intestine0.4%
(034) Streptococcal sore throat and s...0.4%
(424) Other diseases of endocardium0.4%
(389) Deafness0.4%
(959) Injury, other and unspecified0.4%
(592) Calculus of kidney and ureter0.4%
(616) Inflammatory disease of cervix,...0.3%
(607) Disorders of penis0.3%
(553) Oth hernia of abdom cavity w/o ...0.3%
(799) Other ill-defined and unknown c...0.3%
(112) Candidiasis0.3%
(611) Other disorders of breast0.3%
(309) Adjustment reaction0.3%
(695) Erythematous conditions0.3%
(257) Testicular dysfunction0.3%
(696) Psoriasis and similar disorders0.3%
(535) Gastritis and duodenitis0.3%
(796) Other nonspecific abnormal find...0.3%
(110) Dermatophytosis0.3%
(443) Other peripheral vascular disease0.3%
(628) Infertility, female0.3%
(704) Diseases of hair and hair folli...0.3%
(836) Dislocation of knee0.3%
(295) Schizophrenic psychoses0.3%
(486) Pneumonia, organism unspecified0.3%
(562) Diverticula of intestine0.3%
(781) Symptoms involving nervous and ...0.3%
(691) Atopic dermatitis and related c...0.3%
(276) Disorders of fluid, electrolyte...0.3%
(368) Visual disturbances0.3%
(373) Inflammation of eyelids0.3%
(844) Sprains and strains of knee and...0.3%
(V15) Other personal history presenti...0.3%
(V54) Other orthopedic aftercare0.3%
(V24) Postpartum care and examination0.2%
(795) Nonspecific abnormal histologic...0.2%
(845) Sprains and strains of ankle an...0.2%
(924) Contusion of lower limb and of ...0.2%
(242) Thyrotoxicosis with or without ...0.2%
(487) Influenza0.2%
(280) Iron deficiency anemias0.2%
(813) Fracture of radius and ulna0.2%
(425) Cardiomyopathy0.2%
(459) Other disorders of circulatory ...0.2%
(710) Diffuse diseases of connective ...0.2%
(536) Disorders of function of stomach0.2%
(294) Other organic psychotic conditi...0.2%
(454) Varicose veins of lower extremi...0.2%
(374) Other disorders of eyelids0.2%
(345) Epilepsy0.2%
(162) Malignant neoplasm of trachea, ...0.2%
(333) Other extrapyramidal disease/ab...0.2%
(211) Benign neoplasm of other parts ...0.2%
(053) Herpes zoster0.2%
(464) Acute laryngitis and tracheitis0.2%
(698) Pruritus and related conditions0.2%
(593) Other disorders of kidney and u...0.2%
(453) Other venous embolism and throm...0.2%
(241) Nontoxic nodular goiter0.2%
(V05) Need for oth prophylac vacc/ino...0.2%
(356) Hereditary and idiopathic perip...0.2%
(717) Internal derangement of knee0.2%
(331) Other cerebral degenerations0.2%
(519) Other diseases of respiratory s...0.2%
(463) Acute tonsillitis0.2%
(V13) Personal history of other diseases0.2%
(793) Nonspec abnm findgs on radiolog...0.2%
(355) Mononeuritis of lower limb0.2%
(555) Regional enteritis0.2%
(842) Sprains and strains of wrist an...0.2%
(041) Bacterial infec in conditns cla...0.2%
(491) Chronic bronchitis0.2%
(460) Acute nasopharyngitis [common c...0.2%
(429) Ill-defined descriptions/compli...0.2%
(794) Nonspecific abnormal results of...0.2%
(571) Chronic liver disease and cirrh...0.2%
(996) Complications peculiar to certa...0.2%
(596) Other disorders of bladder0.2%
(070) Viral hepatitis0.2%
(307) Special symptoms or syndromes, ...0.2%
(153) Malignant neoplasm of colon0.2%
(708) Urticaria0.2%
(620) Noninflam disorders of ovary/fa...0.2%
(574) Cholelithiasis0.2%
(239) Neoplasm of unspecified nature0.2%
(474) Chronic disease of tonsils and ...0.2%
(289) Other diseases of blood and blo...0.2%
(707) Chronic ulcer of skin0.2%
(737) Curvature of spine0.2%
(470) Deflected nasal septum0.2%
(595) Cystitis0.2%
(618) Genital prolapse0.2%
(V74) Special screening exam for bact...0.2%
(434) Occlusion of cerebral arteries0.1%
(054) Herpes simplex0.1%
(919) Superficial injury of other, mu...0.1%
(371) Corneal opacity and other disor...0.1%
(623) Noninflammatory disorders of va...0.1%
(528) Diseases of oral soft tiss, exc...0.1%
(246) Other disorders of thyroid0.1%
(V06) Need for prophylactic vacc/inoc...0.1%
(301) Personality disorders0.1%
(386) Vertiginous syndromes and othr ...0.1%
(277) Other and unspecified disorders...0.1%
(998) Other complications of procedur...0.1%
(550) Inguinal hernia0.1%
(218) Uterine leiomyoma0.1%
(556) Idiopathic proctocolitis0.1%
(287) Purpura and other hemorrhagic c...0.1%
(923) Contusion of upper limb0.1%
(361) Retinal detachments and defects0.1%
(812) Fracture of humerus0.1%
(756) Other congenital musculoskeleta...0.1%
(228) Hemangioma and lymphangioma, an...0.1%
(816) Fracture of one or more phalang...0.1%
(332) Parkinson`s disease0.1%
(413) Angina pectoris0.1%
(578) Gastrointestinal hemorrhage0.1%
(601) Inflammatory diseases of prostate0.1%
(720) Ankylosing spondylitis and othr...0.1%
(008) Intestinal infections due to ot...0.1%
(824) Fracture of ankle0.1%
(202) Othr malignant neoplasm of lymp...0.1%
(288) Diseases of white blood cells0.1%
(172) Malignant melanoma of skin0.1%
(402) Hypertensive heart disease0.1%
(275) Disorders of mineral metabolism0.1%
(V68) Encounters for administrative p...0.1%
(441) Aortic aneurysm0.1%
(340) Multiple sclerosis0.1%
(684) Impetigo0.1%
(299) Psychoses with origin specific ...0.1%
(199) Malignant neoplasm without spec...0.1%
(718) Other derangement of joint0.1%
(433) Occlusion and stenosis of prece...0.1%
(520) Disorders of tooth development ...0.1%
(883) Open wound of finger(s)0.1%
(256) Ovarian dysfunction0.1%
(435) Transient cerebral ischemia0.1%
(245) Thyroiditis0.1%
(738) Other acquired deformity0.1%
(188) Malignant neoplasm of bladder0.1%
(V81) Spec screen for cardiovascu/res...0.1%
(042) Human immunodeficiency virus in...0.1%
(448) Diseases of capillaries0.1%
(266) Deficiency of B-complex components0.1%
(364) Disorders of iris and ciliary body0.1%
(848) Other and ill-defined sprains a...0.1%
(608) Other disorders of male genital...0.1%
(V77) Spec screeng for endocrine/nutr...0.1%
(575) Other disorders of gallbladder0.1%
(690) Erythematosquamous dermatosis0.1%
(518) Other diseases of lung0.1%
(846) Sprains and strains of sacroili...0.1%
(686) Other local infections of skin ...0.1%
(370) Keratitis0.1%
(823) Fracture of tibia and fibula0.1%
(303) Alcohol dependence syndrome0.1%
(V82) Special screening for other con...0.1%
(879) Open wound of other and unspeci...0.1%
(308) Acute reaction to stress0.1%
(791) Nonspecific findings on examina...0.1%
(315) Specific delays in development0.1%
(779) Oth/ill-defined conditions orig...0.1%
(577) Diseases of pancreas0.1%
(579) Intestinal malabsorption0.1%
(649) Oth cond in mothr complica preg...0.1%
(357) Inflammatory and toxic neuropathy0.1%
(V28) Antenatal screening0.1%
(415) Acute pulmonary heart disease0.1%
(646) Other complications of pregnanc...0.1%
(440) Atherosclerosis0.1%
(753) Congenital anomalies of urinary...0.1%
(654) Abnormality of organs and soft ...0.1%
(680) Carbuncle and furuncle0.1%
(524) Dentofacial anomalies, includin...0.1%
(378) Strabismus and other disorders ...0.1%
(V03) Need for prophylac vacc/inocula...0.1%
(825) Fracture of one or more tarsal ...0.1%
(298) Other nonorganic psychoses0.1%
(240) Simple and unspecified goiter0.1%
(437) Other and ill-defined cerebrova...0.1%
(590) Infections of kidney0.1%
(447) Other disorders of arteries and...0.1%
(622) Noninflammatory disorders of ce...0.1%
(922) Contusion of trunk0.1%
(873) Other open wound of head0.1%
(377) Disorders of optic nerve and vi...0.1%
(681) Cellulitis and abscess of finge...0.1%
(703) Diseases of nail0.1%
(252) Disorders of parathyroid gland0.1%
(214) Lipoma0.1%
(754) Certain congenital musculoskele...0.1%
(805) Fracture of vertebral column w/...0.1%
(621) Disorders of uterus, not elsewh...0.1%
(693) Dermatitis due to substances ta...0.1%
(416) Chronic pulmonary heart disease0.1%
(259) Other endocrine disorders0.1%
(492) Emphysema0.1%
(369) Blindness and low vision0.1%
(458) Hypotension0.1%
(774) Other perinatal jaundice0.1%
(312) Disturbance of conduct, not els...0.1%
(353) Nerve root and plexus disorders0.1%
(193) Malignant neoplasm of thyroid g...0.1%
(363) Chorioretinal inflam and scars/...0.1%
(348) Other conditions of brain0.1%
(339) Other headache syndromes0.1%
(656) Other fetal and placental probl...0.1%
(253) Disorders of pituitary gland an...0.1%
(350) Trigeminal nerve disorders0.1%
(V07) Need for isolation and other pr...0.1%
(511) Pleurisy0.1%
(815) Fracture of metacarpal bone(s)0.1%
(745) Bulbus cordis anomalies/anomali...0.1%
(565) Anal fissure and fistula0.1%
(736) Other acquired deformities of l...0.1%
(746) Other congenital anomalies of h...0.1%
(V49) Problems with limbs and other p...0.1%
(204) Lymphoid leukemia0.1%
(359) Muscular dystrophies and other ...0.1%
(189) Malignant neoplasm of kidney an...0.1%
(426) Conduction disorders0.1%
(814) Fracture of carpal bone(s)0.1%
(279) Disorders involving the immune ...0.1%
(133) Acariasis0.1%
(820) Fracture of neck of femur0.1%
(573) Other disorders of liver0.1%
(948) Burns classified according to e...0.1%
(533) Peptic ulcer, site unspecified0.1%
(V85) Body mass index0.1%
(882) Open wound of hand except finge...0.1%
(154) Malignant neoplasm of rectum/re...0.1%
(135) Sarcoidosis0.1%
(531) Gastric ulcer0.1%
(920) Contusion of face, scalp, and n...0.1%
(286) Coagulation defects0.1%
(411) Other acute and subacute form o...0.1%
(725) Polymyalgia rheumatica0.1%
(451) Phlebitis and thrombophlebitis0.1%
(282) Hereditary hemolytic anemias0.1%
(850) Concussion0.1%
(843) Sprains and strains of hip and ...0.1%
(655) Known or suspected fetal abnorm...0.1%
(617) Endometriosis0.1%
(313) Disturbance of emotions specifi...0.1%
(527) Diseases of the salivary glands0.1%
(735) Acquired deformities of toe0.1%
(610) Benign mammary dysplasias0.1%
(302) Sexual deviations and disorders0.0%
(891) Open wound of knee, leg [except...0.0%
(438) Late effects of cerebrovascular...0.0%
(757) Congenital anomalies of the int...0.0%
(410) Acute myocardial infarction0.0%
(075) Infectious mononucleosis0.0%
(515) Postinflammatory pulmonary fibr...0.0%
(351) Facial nerve disorders0.0%
(310) Spec nonpsychotic mental disord...0.0%
(233) Carcinoma in situ of breast and...0.0%
(281) Other deficiency anemias0.0%
(111) Dermatomycosis, other and unspe...0.0%
(647) Infec/paras cond in mothr clas ...0.0%
(203) Multiple myeloma and immunoprol...0.0%
(360) Disorders of the globe0.0%
(916) Superficial injury of hip, thig...0.0%
(918) Superficial injury of eye and a...0.0%
(810) Fracture of clavicle0.0%
(598) Urethral stricture0.0%
(384) Other disorders of tympanic mem...0.0%
(591) Hydronephrosis0.0%
(255) Disorders of adrenal glands0.0%
(337) Disorders of the autonomic nerv...0.0%
(705) Disorders of sweat glands0.0%
(V16) Family history of malignant neo...0.0%
(604) Orchitis and epididymitis0.0%
(802) Fracture of face bones0.0%
(752) Congenital anomalies of genital...0.0%
(471) Nasal polyps0.0%
(198) Secondary malignant neoplasm of...0.0%
(088) Other arthropod-borne diseases0.0%
(273) Disorders of plasma protein met...0.0%
(494) Bronchiectasis0.0%
(057) Other viral exanthemata0.0%
(V42) Organ or tissue replaced by tra...0.0%
(910) Superficial injury of face, nec...0.0%
(074) Specific diseases due to Coxsac...0.0%
(V51) Aftercare involving the use of ...0.0%
(385) Other disorders of middle ear a...0.0%
(290) Senile and presenile organic ps...0.0%
(482) Other bacterial pneumonia0.0%
(700) Corns and callosities0.0%
(319) Unspecified mental retardation0.0%
(183) Malignant neoplasm of ovary and...0.0%
(251) Other disorders of pancreatic i...0.0%
(730) Osteomyelitis/periostitis/othr ...0.0%
(V53) Fitting and adjustment of other...0.0%
(009) Ill-defined intestinal infections0.0%
(525) Other diseases/conditions of te...0.0%
(586) Renal failure, unspecified0.0%
(V88) Acquired absence oth organs and...0.0%
(624) Noninflammatory disorders of vu...0.0%
(V01) Contact with or exposure to com...0.0%
(224) Benign neoplasm of eye0.0%
(792) Nonspecific abnormal findings i...0.0%
(522) Diseases of pulp and periapical...0.0%
(685) Pilonidal cyst0.0%
(200) Lymphosarcoma and reticulosarcoma0.0%
(597) Urethritis, not sexually transm...0.0%
(V26) Procreative management0.0%
(560) Intestinal obstruction without ...0.0%
(117) Other mycoses0.0%
(271) Disorders of carbohydrate trans...0.0%
(881) Open wound of elbow, forearm, a...0.0%
(831) Dislocation of shoulder0.0%
(529) Diseases and other conditions o...0.0%
(771) Infections specific to the peri...0.0%
(642) Hypertension complicating pregn...0.0%
(734) Flat foot0.0%
(807) Fracture of rib(s), sternum, la...0.0%
(227) Benign neoplasm of other endocr...0.0%
(V62) Other psychosocial circumstances0.0%
(457) Noninfective disorders of lymph...0.0%
(V79) Spec screening for mental disor...0.0%
(052) Chickenpox0.0%
(634) Spontaneous abortion0.0%
(732) Osteochondropathies0.0%
(759) Other and unspecified congenita...0.0%
(841) Sprains and strains of elbow an...0.0%
(583) Nephritis and nephropathy, not ...0.0%
(989) Toxic effect of other substance...0.0%
(456) Varicose veins of other sites0.0%
(930) Foreign body on external eye0.0%
(605) Redundant prepuce and phimosis0.0%
(343) Infantile cerebral palsy0.0%
(182) Malignant neoplasm of body of u...0.0%
(205) Myeloid leukemia0.0%
(917) Superficial injury of foot and ...0.0%
(584) Acute renal failure0.0%
(197) Secondary malignant neoplasm of...0.0%
(747) Other congenital anomalies of c...0.0%
(269) Other nutritional deficiencies0.0%
(566) Abscess of anal and rectal regions0.0%
(521) Diseases of hard tissues of teeth0.0%
(157) Malignant neoplasm of pancreas0.0%
(748) Congenital anomalies of respira...0.0%
(743) Congenital anomalies of eye0.0%
(826) Fracture of one or more phalang...0.0%
(588) Disorders resulting from impair...0.0%
(629) Other disorders of female genit...0.0%
(318) Other specified mental retardation0.0%
(236) Neoplasm of uncertain behavior ...0.0%
(442) Other aneurysm0.0%
(132) Pediculosis and phthirus infest...0.0%
(603) Hydrocele0.0%
(651) Multiple gestation0.0%
(237) Neoplasm of uncert behavior of ...0.0%
(758) Chromosomal anomalies0.0%
(931) Foreign body in ear0.0%
(229) Benign neoplasm of other and un...0.0%
(641) Antepartum hemorrhage/abruptio ...0.0%
(541) Appendicitis, unqualified0.0%
(872) Open wound of ear0.0%
(905) Late effects of musculoskeletal...0.0%
(822) Fracture of patella0.0%
(927) Crushing injury of upper limb0.0%
(358) Myoneural disorders0.0%
(908) Late effects of other and unspe...0.0%
(765) Disorders relat to short gestat...0.0%
(151) Malignant neoplasm of stomach0.0%
(150) Malignant neoplasm of esophagus0.0%
(945) Burn of lower limb(s)0.0%
(344) Other paralytic syndromes0.0%
(284) Aplastic anemia0.0%
(829) Fracture of unspecified bones0.0%
(383) Mastoiditis and related conditions0.0%
(485) Bronchopneumonia, organism unsp...0.0%
(997) Complicatns affectg spec body s...0.0%
(697) Lichen0.0%
(944) Burn of wrist(s) and hand(s)0.0%
(412) Old myocardial infarction0.0%
(077) Other diseases of conjunctiva d...0.0%
(215) Other benign neoplasm of connec...0.0%
(396) Diseases of mitral and aortic v...0.0%
(201) Hodgkin`s disease0.0%
(V61) Other family circumstances0.0%
(834) Dislocation of finger0.0%
(376) Disorders of the orbit0.0%
(V18) Family history of certain other...0.0%
(V78) Special screening for disorders...0.0%
(031) Diseases due to other mycobacteria0.0%
(V80) Special screening for neurologi...0.0%
(292) Drug psychoses0.0%
(436) Acute but ill-defined cerebrova...0.0%
(602) Other disorders of prostate0.0%
(V17) Family history of certain chron...0.0%
(099) Other venereal diseases0.0%
(644) Early or threatened labor0.0%
(632) Missed abortion0.0%
(821) Fracture of other and unspecifi...0.0%
(832) Dislocation of elbow0.0%
(742) Other congenital anomalies of n...0.0%
(225) Benign neoplasm of brain and ot...0.0%
(V87) Other specified personal exposu...0.0%
(523) Gingival and periodontal diseases0.0%
(V69) Problems related to lifestyle0.0%
(921) Contusion of eye and adnexa0.0%
(606) Infertility, male0.0%
(155) Malignant neoplasm of liver and...0.0%
(349) Other and unspecified disorders...0.0%
(955) Injury to peripheral nerve(s) o...0.0%
(V11) Personal history of mental diso...0.0%
(131) Trichomoniasis0.0%
(V02) Carrier or suspected carrier of...0.0%
(423) Other diseases of pericardium0.0%
(537) Other disorders of stomach and ...0.0%
(141) Malignant neoplasm of tongue0.0%
(808) Fracture of pelvis0.0%
(V44) Artificial opening status0.0%
(818) Ill-defined fractures of upper ...0.0%
(011) Pulmonary tuberculosis0.0%
(643) Excessive vomiting in pregnancy0.0%
(526) Diseases of the jaws0.0%
(336) Other diseases of spinal cord0.0%
(892) Open wound of foot except toe(s...0.0%
(659) Oth indica for care/interv rel ...0.0%
(444) Arterial embolism and thrombosis0.0%
(854) Intracranial injury of other an...0.0%
(397) Diseases of other endocardial s...0.0%
(297) Paranoid states0.0%
(335) Anterior horn cell disease0.0%
(614) Inflam diseas of ovary/fallop t...0.0%
(532) Duodenal ulcer0.0%
(999) Complications of medical care, ...0.0%
(446) Polyarteritis nodosa and allied...0.0%
(640) Hemorrhage in early pregnancy0.0%
(755) Other congenital anomalies of l...0.0%
(098) Gonococcal infections0.0%
(171) Malignant neoplasm of connectiv...0.0%
(552) Oth hernia of abdom cavity w/ob...0.0%
(191) Malignant neoplasm of brain0.0%
(136) Other and unspecified infectiou...0.0%
(913) Superficial injury of elbow, fo...0.0%
(146) Malignant neoplasm of oropharynx0.0%
(650) Delivery in a completely normal...0.0%
(194) Malignant neoplasm of other end...0.0%
(749) Cleft palate and cleft lip0.0%
(870) Open wound of ocular adnexa0.0%
(161) Malignant neoplasm of larynx0.0%
(195) Malignant neoplasm of other and...0.0%
(557) Vascular insufficiency of intes...0.0%
(V40) Mental and behavioral problems0.0%
(V73) Special screening examination f...0.0%
(476) Chronic laryngitis and laryngot...0.0%
(V91) Multiple placenta gestation status0.0%
(770) Other respiratory conditions of...0.0%
(142) Malignant neoplasm of major sal...0.0%
(V57) Care involving use of rehabilit...0.0%
(115) Histoplasmosis0.0%
(V64) Persons encountering hlth serv ...0.0%
(581) Nephrotic syndrome0.0%
(994) Effects of other external causes0.0%
(750) Other congenital anomalies of u...0.0%
(306) Physiological malfunction arisi...0.0%
(911) Superficial injury of trunk0.0%
(576) Other disorders of biliary tract0.0%
(866) Injury to kidney0.0%
(886) Traumatic amputation of other f...0.0%
(180) Malignant neoplasm of cervix uteri0.0%
(149) Malg neoplsm of oth/ill-def sit...0.0%
(270) Disorders of amino-acid transpo...0.0%
(635) Legally induced abortion0.0%
(943) Burn of upper limb, except wris...0.0%
(209) Neuroendocrine tumors0.0%
(694) Bullous dermatoses0.0%
(317) Mild mental retardation0.0%
(V90) Retained foreign body0.0%
(712) Crystal arthropathies0.0%
(751) Other congenital anomalies of d...0.0%
(958) Certain early complications of ...0.0%
(513) Abscess of lung and mediastinum0.0%
(612) Deformity and dispropor reconstr breast0.0%
(582) Chronic glomerulonephritis0.0%
(217) Benign neoplasm of breast0.0%
(235) Neoplasm of uncert behav of dig...0.0%
(347) Cataplexy and narcolepsy0.0%
(652) Malposition and malpresentation...0.0%
(893) Open wound of toe(s) alone0.0%
(619) Fistula involving female genita...0.0%
(683) Acute lymphadenitis0.0%
(594) Calculus of lower urinary tract0.0%
(952) Spinal cord injury without evid...0.0%
(483) Pneumonia due to other specifie...0.0%
(572) Liver abscess and sequelae of c...0.0%
(V55) Attention to artificial openings0.0%
(432) Other and unspecified intracran...0.0%
(184) Malignant neoplasm of other and...0.0%
(852) Subarachnoid/subdural/extradura...0.0%
(711) Arthropathy associated with inf...0.0%
(033) Whooping cough0.0%
(291) Alcoholic psychoses0.0%
(514) Pulmonary congestion and hypost...0.0%
(283) Acquired hemolytic anemias0.0%
(949) Burn, unspecified0.0%
(208) Leukemia of unspecified cell type0.0%
(V66) Convalescence0.0%
(827) Other, multiple, and ill-define...0.0%
(767) Birth trauma0.0%
(165) Malig neopl of oth/il-def site ...0.0%
(232) Carcinoma in situ of skin0.0%
(516) Other alveolar and parietoalveo...0.0%
(741) Spina bifida0.0%
(263) Other and unspecified protein-c...0.0%
(159) Malg neoplsm of oth/ill-def sit...0.0%
(914) Superficial injury of hand(s) e...0.0%
(230) Carcinoma in situ of digestive ...0.0%
(175) Malignant neoplasm of male breast0.0%
(005) Other food poisoning (bacterial)0.0%
(047) Meningitis due to enterovirus0.0%
(567) Peritonitis0.0%
(915) Superficial injury of finger(s)0.0%
(V47) Other problems with internal or...0.0%
(394) Diseases of mitral valve0.0%
(534) Gastrojejunal ulcer0.0%
(568) Other disorders of peritoneum0.0%
(V52) Fitting and adjustment of prost...0.0%
(129) Intestinal parasitism, unspecified0.0%
(045) Acute poliomyelitis0.0%
(039) Actinomycotic infections0.0%
(094) Neurosyphilis0.0%
(713) Arthropathy assoc w/other disor...0.0%
(220) Benign neoplasm of ovary0.0%
(038) Septicemia0.0%
(871) Open wound of eyeball0.0%
(213) Benign neoplasm of bone and art...0.0%
(352) Disorders of other cranial nerves0.0%
(480) Viral pneumonia0.0%
(744) Congenital anomalies of ear, fa...0.0%
(V83) Genetic carrier status0.0%
(342) Hemiplegia0.0%
(928) Crushing injury of lower limb0.0%
(941) Burn of face, head, and neck0.0%
(777) Perinatal disorders of digestiv...0.0%
(942) Burn of trunk0.0%
(797) Senility without mention of psy...0.0%
(953) Injury to nerve roots and spina...0.0%
(990) Effects of radiation, unspecified0.0%
(179) Malignant neoplasm of uterus, p...0.0%
(839) Other, multiple, and ill-define...0.0%
(977) Poisoning by other and unspecif...0.0%
(293) Transient organic psychotic con...0.0%
(170) Malignant neoplasm of bone and ...0.0%
(226) Benign neoplasm of thyroid gland0.0%
(906) Late effects of injuries to ski...0.0%
(139) Late effects of other infectiou...0.0%
(V75) Special screening examination f...0.0%
(987) Toxic effect of other gases, fu...0.0%
(058) Other human herpesvirus0.0%
(322) Meningitis of unspecified cause0.0%
(932) Foreign body in nose0.0%
(778) Cond involv the integument/temp...0.0%
(838) Dislocation of foot0.0%
(164) Malignant neoplasm of thymus, h...0.0%
(398) Other rheumatic heart disease0.0%
(186) Malignant neoplasm of testis0.0%
(210) Benign neoplasm of lip, oral ca...0.0%
(890) Open wound of hip and thigh0.0%
(764) Slow fetal growth and fetal mal...0.0%
(003) Other salmonella infections0.0%
(731) Osteitis deformans/osteopathies...0.0%
(833) Dislocation of wrist0.0%
(404) Hypertensive heart and renal di...0.0%
(986) Toxic effect of carbon monoxide0.0%
(803) Other and unqualified skull fra...0.0%
(974) Poisoning by water, mineral, an...0.0%
(196) Secondary and unspecified malig...0.0%
(880) Open wound of shoulder and uppe...0.0%
(956) Injury to peripheral nerve(s) o...0.0%
(258) Polyglandular dysfunction and r...0.0%
(395) Diseases of aortic valve0.0%
(658) Other problems associated w/amn...0.0%
(510) Empyema0.0%
(V59) Donors0.0%
(V46) Other dependence on machines0.0%
(114) Coccidioidomycosis0.0%
(V86) Estrogen receptor status0.0%
(475) Peritonsillar abscess0.0%
(507) Pneumonitis due to solids and l...0.0%
(212) Benign neoplasm of respiratory ...0.0%
(676) Oth disordr of breast asso w/ch...0.0%
(127) Other intestinal helminthiases0.0%
(645) Prolonged pregnancy0.0%
(540) Acute appendicitis0.0%
(517) Lung involvement in conditions ...0.0%
(V84) Genetic susceptibility to disease0.0%
(837) Dislocation of ankle0.0%
(V08) Asymptomatic human immunodefici...0.0%
(991) Effects of reduced temperature0.0%
(861) Injury to heart and lung0.0%
(811) Fracture of scapula0.0%
(261) Nutritional marasmus0.0%
(862) Injury to other and unspecified...0.0%
(894) Multiple and unspecified open w...0.0%
(341) Other demyelinating diseases of...0.0%
(158) Malignant neoplasm of retroperi...0.0%
(587) Renal sclerosis, unspecified0.0%
(156) Malignant neoplasm of gallbladd...0.0%
(249) Secondary diabetes mellitus0.0%
(657) Polyhydramnios0.0%
(909) Late effects of other and unspe...0.0%
(835) Dislocation of hip0.0%
(900) Injury to blood vessels of head...0.0%
(V60) Housing, household, and economi...0.0%
(330) Cerebral degenerations usually ...0.0%
(885) Traumatic amputation of thumb0.0%
(772) Fetal and neonatal hemorrhage0.0%
(405) Secondary hypertension0.0%
(957) Injury to other and unspecified...0.0%
(992) Effects of heat and light0.0%
(265) Thiamine and niacin deficiency ...0.0%
(940) Burn confined to eye and adnexa0.0%
(219) Other benign neoplasm of uterus0.0%
(884) Multiple and unspecified open w...0.0%
(950) Injury to optic nerve and pathways0.0%
(445) Atheroembolism0.0%
(633) Ectopic pregnancy0.0%
(939) Foreign body in genitourinary t...0.0%
(653) Disproportion0.0%
(431) Intracerebral hemorrhage0.0%
(506) Respiratory conditions due to c...0.0%
(867) Injury to pelvic organs0.0%
(960) Poisoning by antibiotics0.0%
(962) Poisoning by hormones and synth...0.0%
(853) Other and unspecified intracran...0.0%
(897) Traumatic amputation of leg(s)0.0%
(615) Inflammatory diseases of uterus...0.0%
(334) Spinocerebellar disease0.0%
(806) Fracture of vertebral column wi...0.0%
(926) Crushing injury of trunk0.0%
(V19) Family history of other conditions0.0%
(417) Other diseases of pulmonary cir...0.0%
(392) Rheumatic chorea0.0%
(051) Cowpox and paravaccinia0.0%
(673) Obstetrical pulmonary embolism0.0%
(874) Open wound of neck0.0%
(V89) Other suspected conditions not found0.0%
(007) Other protozoal intestinal dise...0.0%
(904) Injury to blood vessels of lowe...0.0%
(V14) Personal history of allergy to ...0.0%
(907) Late effects of injuries to the...0.0%
(875) Open wound of chest (wall)0.0%
(V27) Outcome of delivery0.0%
(878) Open wound of genital organs, i...0.0%
(430) Subarachnoid hemorrhage0.0%
(674) Oth and unspec complic of puerp...0.0%
(912) Superficial injury of shoulder ...0.0%
(481) Pneumococcal pneumonia0.0%
(508) Respiratory conds due to other ...0.0%
(501) Asbestosis0.0%
(543) Other diseases of appendix0.0%
(666) Postpartum hemorrhage0.0%
(324) Intracranial and intraspinal ab...0.0%
(097) Other and unspecified syphilis0.0%
(488) Influenza due to ident avian inf..0.0%
(260) Kwashiorkor0.0%
(495) Extrinsic allergic alveolitis0.0%
(387) Otosclerosis0.0%
(V21) Constitutional states in develo...0.0%
(667) Retained placenta or membranes,...0.0%
(969) Poisoning by psychotropic agents0.0%
(663) Umbilical cord complications0.0%
(976) Pois by agnts affct skin/muc me...0.0%
(938) Foreign body in digestive syste...0.0%
(639) Complications following abortio...0.0%
(066) Other arthropod-borne viral dis...0.0%
(130) Toxoplasmosis0.0%
(966) Poisoning by anticonvulsants an...0.0%
(993) Effects of air pressure0.0%
(323) Encephalitis, myelitis, and enc...0.0%
(933) Foreign body in pharynx and larynx0.0%
(V41) Problems with special senses an...0.0%
(420) Acute pericarditis0.0%
(965) Poisoning by analgesics, antipy...0.0%
(800) Fracture of vault of skull0.0%
(961) Poisoning by other anti-infectives0.0%
(231) Carcinoma in situ of respirator...0.0%
(935) Foreign body in mouth, esophagu...0.0%
(030) Leprosy0.0%
(512) Pneumothorax0.0%
(804) Multiple fractures involving sk...0.0%
(964) Poisoning by agents primarily a...0.0%
(027) Other zoonotic bacterial diseases0.0%
(104) Other spirochetal infection0.0%
(542) Other appendicitis0.0%
(967) Poisoning by sedatives and hypn...0.0%
(985) Toxic effect of other metals0.0%
(123) Other cestode infection0.0%
(452) Portal vein thrombosis0.0%
(860) Traumatic pneumothorax and hemo...0.0%
(761) Fetus or newborn affectd by mat...0.0%
(901) Injury to blood vessels of thorax0.0%
(851) Cerebral laceration and contusion0.0%
(760) Fetus/newbrn affec by maternl c...0.0%
(391) Rheumatic fever with heart invo...0.0%
(V29) Observ/evaluatn of newbrn/infan...0.0%
(664) Trauma to perineum and vulva du...0.0%
(017) Tuberculosis of other organs0.0%
(137) Late effects of tuberculosis0.0%
(221) Benign neoplasm of other female...0.0%
(187) Malignant neoplasm of penis and...0.0%
(877) Open wound of buttock0.0%
(325) Phlebitis/thrombophlebitis of i...0.0%
(013) Tuberculosis of meninges and ce...0.0%
(934) Foreign body in trachea, bronch...0.0%
(776) Hematological disorders of fetu...0.0%
(316) Psychic factors associated with...0.0%

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