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The European Commission recently released original data for its 27-country Eurobarometer survey on public attitudes towards robots. Click here to explore this dataset in Protobi.

Key questions asked in this survey are whether people think robots steal jobs, what people’s general view on robots is and whether people have used a robot already. The survey was conducted in all 27 member states of the EU with 26,751 respondents taking part overall.

It’s a neat example of how Protobi can make it easy to explore the results of a complex full-length survey.

One surprising finding

70.4% of Europeans “Totally agree” or “Tend to agree” that “Robots steal people’s jobs.”

At the same time, 78.9% percent of Europeans “Totally agree” or “Tend to agree” that “Robots are a good thing because they help people” than the average respondent.

In fact, even among those respondents who agree “Robots steal people’s jobs”, still 75.2% agree “Robots are a good thing …” a small difference not statistically different:

(image after clicking on ‘Totally agree’ or ‘Tend to agree’ in qa5_2)

Structured data in surveys

This dataset has a lot of structure to it, typical of survey data. Questions are organized into related groups with common instructions and scales (e.g. “Have you ever used a robot in the following settings?”). And they are further organized at a higher level into survey sections.

So it makes a great case study for a tutorial showing how Protobi can show this structure to display the data concisely.

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