You can use Protobi not only to find the story but to tell it. The new headline, slide layout, and notes features may help.

Each element can now show a headline in bold text. This can be a place to put the main takeaway from the chart as in this example:

You can of course use headlines as desired in your project. But in our design vision, headlines differ from existing key, displayKey and title attributes as follows:

  • key is the true unique identifier for the element. Typically it will correspond to the name of the data column, e.g. “Q3”, but with cloning, transforms, etc. it can be any string so long as it is unique.

  • displayKey is the identifier as displayed to the respondent, above the line at the top of the element. You might have multiple elements for one data column with keys like “Q3”, “Q3_coded”, “Q3_trend”, “Q3_copy2” etc. but may wish for each of these to be displayed as “Q3”.

  • title is typically the question text as asked in the survey, or for derived variables, a simple description of what the data represents.

  • footnote is for details that need to be visible but not at the top, such as whether any skip patterns apply and whether missing values are shown.

In particular, in slide layout, the headline becomes the slide title and title becomes the slide text.

To add a headline, press the edit icon for the element, and select More properties… from the menu:

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