We’re so proud to be featured in Vertica’s recent case study highlighting how Carnegie Higher Ed uses Protobi (and Protobi uses Vertica), to help universities, colleges, and elite high schools nationwide analyze student data to build their student classes.

For over three decades, Carnegie has worked with colleges, offering services in the areas of research, strategy, lead generation, slate optimization, digital marketing, financial aid optimization and student search. Carnegie clients are the key decision makers in their institutions. Carnegie’s approach is data driven, targeted and customized to each institution.

Carnegie delivers interactive Protobi dashboards to their clients, so enrollment teams can see daily updates on applicants, admits, awards, enrollment, and waitlists, and balance their many competing financial, institutional, and strategic objectives.

Protobi pairs very well with Vertica, a high speed SQL database optimized for advanced analytics queries, to scale to many millions of records. As a result, Carnegie returns rapid results on each mouse click, for the most selective colleges to the largest US state university systems.

Protobi engaged the design firm Group Visual IO, to reimagine detailed reports for admission decision makers as interactive visualizations. These resulted in both immediate deliverables and a long-term development agenda.

We’ve been working together for over ten years now, freeing FTEs of analyst time from updating reports for more strategic analysis.